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I'm a passionate and dedicated English student looking to shape the literary landscape.

About Me

My name is Havilah Sciabbarrasi and I'm a senior at Florida State University. When I'm not burying my nose in a book or watching the latest horror movie, I can be found spending the days studying for my English degree. With a concentration in Editing, Writing and Media, I have an appreciation for the value in various forms of literature. Whether it be through a digital interface or a physical text, I've learned the importance of navigating multiple mediums and how the literary landscape has transformed with the onset of a technological age. 

I have a minor in communication and look forward to graduating this May. At FSU, in my spare time I've discovered my passion for helping out children and analyzing the written word. Working with kids has taught me patience, while my time as editor-in-chief for The Kudzu Review helped me cultivate a sense of literary style and analytic skill.

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